Your Hiding Place

You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance. –Psalm 32:7 NIV

Your Hiding Place

During heart-wrenching moments when you need to pour out your emotions, where do you go? Do you have a hiding place? The psalmist writes that there is such a place! It is the inner Sanctuary, the Holy of Holies where you will enter into God’s presence. There you will meet with Jesus and He will receive you, dry your tears, and press you to His chest in a hug with loving arms.

You may come into His presence with feelings of defeat and fall on your face with cries of suffering that will be more like shrills of anguish. In this place of your refuge—your hiding place—the God of hope and courage will breathe life, power, strength, and victory into your life. He will reach way down into your being and restore your soul and make you whole. Then you will rise up full of courage, hope, and power.

When you come out of your hiding place, you will come forth with shouts of praise and victory and with songs of deliverance. After all, the Holy One of Israel is with you.

Thank You, Father, for giving me the privilege to enter into Your inner Sanctuary and for loving me as You do.

Sweet Holy Spirit, thank You for leading me into my hiding place, which is God’s holy presence.

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