Come and Worship, Pt. 2

Say to God, “How awesome are your deeds!….”

–Psalm 66:3 NLT

Did you try to take yesterday’s definition of worship and figure out what it looks or sounds like to you? How’d it go? Today is a practice run, and then tomorrow you’ll see a list of tools that may help you.

Just a reminder: the focus is God, not you, so it might take you a couple of tries to get the hang of worship, but it’s so worth it.

Okay, here’s your practice run: stop, take a couple of relaxing, deep breaths, clear your mind, and say, “God, You’re amazing!”

There you go—you just worshiped! If you want to tell Him why you think He’s amazing, you’re already taking it to the next level: “God, the way You hung the stars in place reminds me of just how big and infinite You are! You’re amazing!”

See, you CAN do it, you CAN worship! (And you didn’t even hum a note or sing a song!) It’s easy, because God IS amazing!

Have a great day, and ask God to remind you of your moment of worship throughout your day.

Prayer Focus

  • Thank God for how much He loves you.
  • Ask Him to help you worship, to pause and think about how amazing He is, at least one more time today.
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