Wednesday | September 18 | Your Destiny

Put your hope in the Lord. Travel steadily along his path. He will honor you by giving you the land…. –Psalm 37:34 NLT

Destiny refers to a future time. The choices you make today will bring forth a positive or a negative result in a time to come. Each day is filled with decisions, and our decisions determine our destiny! When God is leading you into a new territory of promise, a battle will often arise. Why? Because the enemy does not want you to advance to the next level God has destined you for. Obey God and resist the devil. Today’s obedience gives way to tomorrow’s reward.

Stay strong. Remain positive. Preparation always takes place before the vision, the hope, the dream, the desire, and the promise is filled. Trust God’s process and take beneficial steps in going forward. God will work all things out in your favor and for His divine purposes. Your future is good when you stay in step with His commands.

Today, refuse to remain trapped in the past, refuse to allow old habits to keep you captive; and instead, believe in your heart that God is for you. The best is yet to come when you stand strong and say, “Enough is enough, I’m going forward in all that God has purposed for my new life in Christ.”

Prayer Focus

  • God, may Your will give me the power needed to press onward to all that You’ve purposed and destined for me and Your Kingdom.
  • Holy Spirit, fill me today with the strength that I need to press onward in all that God has promised and destined me for.
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