Wednesday | July 31 | Waste Not Want Not

When they had all had enough to eat, he said to his disciples, “Gather the pieces that are left over. Let nothing be wasted.” –John 6:12 NIV

Sometimes it seems like so much is being wasted in this world. It can make a person sad to think about all the waste. You’re at a restaurant, and you see people get up and leave a table full of food that they’ve barely touched. You walk by a house and see perfectly good furniture put out for the trash because they’ve redecorated. Yet somewhere, people are going without food and furniture and would’ve been thrilled to have these castaways.

It is even sadder when we see lives being wasted. People who have incredible talents, gifts, and abilities that they’ve never used. They’re considered castaways by society; therefore, they believe they have no worth. Everything and everyone has value to someone; it’s our job to discover it.

Order only what you can eat, give the furniture to the Salvation Army, and give the underdog a chance. Jesus Himself, after feeding 5,000-plus people, told His disciples to gather up the leftovers. He said, “Let nothing be wasted.”

You’re not a castaway; you’re a treasure. The trials and testings we go through in everyday life are also never wasted. They produce patience, increase our faith, and stretch us outside our comfort zone. Everything has a purpose, and it all works together for our good. Don’t waste it.

Prayer Focus

  • Recognize everything in life as a gift. Waste nothing.
  • Don’t curse the trials; learn from them. Don’t miss the purpose.
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