When Your Wall is Broken

The people continued to build the wall. Those who carried supplies did their work with one hand. They held a weapon in the other hand.

-Nehemiah 4:17 NIRV

Broken walls tend to stir feelings of vulnerability, decay and abandonment. Walls are symbolic of strength and protection; therefore a broken wall is never good – especially when it’s a wall in your life. Sometimes you just get so used to the broken wall that it feels like it will always be that way, but the good news is your wall doesn’t have to stay broken.

Sometimes the wall has been broken for so long that it’s hard to envision what it would look like repaired. The best way to get started is by surveying the damage and identifying where the breaks are in your wall. You know better than anybody where things aren’t working right in your life, so just be honest. Then you can start moving forward by enlisting some trusted accountability partners.

The distractions and discouraging accusations from the Adversary of your soul combined with negative self-chatter are often the greatest hindrances to rebuilding your wall. Remembering that God is on your side is your greatest weapon against these hindrances. Trust God’s timing as you patiently and diligently take purposeful action and stay focused on rebuilding your wall.

Prayer Focus

Pray for an alert mind as you combat distractions, discouraging accusations and negative self-chatter.

Ask God to lead you in enlisting trusted accountability partners as you start rebuilding your wall.

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