Walking in a Labyrinth

Show me your ways, Lord, teach me your paths.

-Psalms 25:4 NIV

Walking in a labyrinth is a meditative maze that sometimes can be like torture. You head in and you can see the center circle. A place to stand and look out at the rest of the maze. One step from the center, you make a turn and are headed away from the center, skirting around and just looking at it, not sure how you will get closer. Then you are there. Right in the center, close to the cross.

The path is similar to our walk with Christ. You get close, but you are blocked and go another way. Sometimes you turn your back and sometimes you skirt around Him. Getting closer but not too close. Then the moment you are at the cross, you cannot deny Him or ignore Him.

You are together in the middle of all the wandering paths with Him. The time comes to leave. It makes sense, He always sends you out. You follow the path, you go away, you come back, you skirt around.

Leaving is a little different; you keep your eye on the center, on Him. You leave with His presence with you. Each turn can bring you closer or further away, but you know it doesn’t matter. He is with you.

Prayer Focus

Ask God to draw you close. Ask Him to use the twists and turns in your life to bring you closer to him.

Is God sending you out? Pray He will make His presence known to you as you journey to new places.

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