Tuesday | November 19 | Salt Their Oats

If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone. –Romans 12:18 NIV

We have words with someone, and a misunderstanding occurs. What we said is not what they heard, what we meant is not how they took it. That’s their problem, right? After all, they shouldn’t be so touchy, right?

They can just get over it, right? WRONG! You can pretend that it doesn’t bother you; you can even pretend that the misunderstanding isn’t constantly on your mind. In reality, it’s always in your face. If these feelings go ignored long enough, your heart hardens. You then get calloused and bury it along with all your other dead relationships.

What if people gave pride a day off? What if we gave up our so-called “rights?” What if we immediately, whether it’s our fault or not, apologized? What if making peace became more important than standing our ground? Blessed are the peace MAKERS—it doesn’t just happen by itself. It’s hard work!

Pursue peace; make it a goal every day of your life. Don’t let a misunderstanding become a root of bitterness. As far as it depends on you, be at peace with everyone. If you salt the horse’s oats with love, you can even make him drink. Lead everyone to the water.

Prayer Focus

  • Be slow to speak, quick to hear, and even quicker to forgive. Focus on not taking offense.
  • Pride goes before destruction—lay it down and pick up a lowly spirit. Be Christ-minded.
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