Tuesday | December 3 | What God Wants From You

If you forget, forget God, your God, and start taking up with other gods, serving and worshiping them, I’m on record right now as giving you firm warning: that will be the end of you; I mean it—destruction. –Deuteronomy 8:19 MSG

God wants your attention. Giving yourself to God in your entirety is part of your true praise and worship. True worship includes surrender. Satan wants us to be confused, directionless, and ineffective. God has a preordained plan for us. He gives us specific steps and wants us to see that our lives matter to Him. God is in control of your life.

God also speaks to you through mentors whom He has supplied throughout your life. When you as a believer are part of a local church, you should find a spiritual mentor within that church to walk through life with you. God’s will is always revealed in His Word—the Bible. Study His Word and pray daily, and come into agreement with His Word.

It’s not that God expects you to be perfect, but He wants you to be honestly living for Him, seeking Him, and doing your best to have a loving relationship with Him. What God wants from you is a relationship. Love is absolutely the foundation of everything God does (see 1 John 4:8). God’s Word guides us, not to control us, but because He knows that following it and choosing it will give us the best life possible.

Prayer Focus

  • God loves you and wants you to grow in your relationship with Him by knowing and studying His Word.
  • Trust in God with all your heart. Jesus is your example about how to live out your life while here. See Ephesians 5:1-2.
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