I reach out for your commands, which I love, that I may meditate on your decrees.

–Psalm 119:48 NIV

TL;DR—have you seen this acronym in the comment section of a social media post? It means, “Too Long; Didn’t Read.” Its prevalence reveals how the world has become full of snippets that are rich in graphics but often poor in content. While it’s great to have short take-away nuggets, the increasing lack of ability to pay attention has detrimental implications for believers that go beyond social media.

Just think, are you dedicated to reading and applying Scripture, or are you more likely to survey it and, by your actions, dismissively stamp it TL;DR?

Scripture gives unchanging principles upon which to base your life. But when you sidestep God’s Word, you’re stepping on an untethered path that could send your life dangerously off-course.

As the world spirals more out of control, you need something more substantial than a placard to hold you in place, stronger than a bumper sticker to define you as different, and greater than a slogan to shine the light on Jesus in the advancing darkness of your changing world.

So when it comes to God’s Word, erase your temptation to mentally write over it TL;DR. Instead, try a new acronym: TI;RN, which means “Too Important; Read Now!”

Prayer Focus

  • God, give me a renewed appreciation and hunger for Your life-changing Word.
  • God, help me eliminate needless distractions that draw me away, and increase my desire to know and live Your truth.
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