Take the Land!

But because my servant Caleb has a different spirit and follows me wholeheartedly, I will bring him into the land he went to, and his descendants will inherit it.  –Numbers 14:24 NIV

Take the Land!

Caleb was a fool—and a dangerous one at that. After all, he and Joshua were about to lead the Israelites on a suicide march into a land that could eat them alive. For that, they had to be stoned.

So went the prevailing thinking of the day.

What are the lies that we believe today—as part of the “wisdom” of our society? How about these lies:

  • We can’t afford to take a stand against evil. Evil is too prevalent and strong for our efforts to make any difference.
  • We might as well give up and accept society’s “new normal.”
  • We can’t publicly testify for Jesus.
  • If we do, someone may get offended and sue us. We just need to keep our heads bowed down and mind our own business.

What happened to the hordes who demanded Caleb’s head? They all died. Meanwhile, Caleb and Joshua not only survived; they made it to the Promised Land and thrived!

Guess what? Just as with Caleb and Joshua, you and I are promised the divine protection and empowerment of Almighty God as we reject the “wisdom of the age” and choose to follow His instructions. Together, we can take the land!

Lord, I determine today that I will not cower before the fear of humans—but rather will walk in Your love and Your authority!

Lord, I determine today that I will fulfill Your assignment for my life, trusting that You will strengthen and empower me.

Gary David Flamberg
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