Tag, You’re It | Friday | March 15

For the Lord will not reject his people; he will never forsake his inheritance. –Psalm 94:14 NIV

Someone tell me why we thought “Tag” was fun? Remember that childhood game where someone, usually the youngest or weakest, is declared “IT” and has to chase the others all over the playground while they squeal, dance, wag their hips, and have a grand time laughing at your expense. Just when you’re close enough to feel the win, they scream with delight and run away, avoiding whatever “cooties” you are carrying.

We grow up, but at times life still feels like one big game of Tag, and you are IT, chasing, but never catching, the other ones. We all want to fit in, be accepted, and feel valued. When circumstances or emotions put us in a place where we are the outsiders, we feel like that rejected child. People tend to accept those who fit easily into their lives and shy away when it becomes inconvenient or uncomfortable. Remind yourself today that God’s love for you—and for them—is unconditional. He wants you to know that He will never reject you. No matter how you feel about someone else, He expects us to reflect that same unconditional love even when they cannot or do not act likewise.

Prayer Focus

Pray to be confident in God’s acceptance and unconditional love.

Pray to see hurting people through God’s eyes.

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