Sunday | August 18 | The Choice Is Yours

As for me, I will always have hope; I will praise you more and more. –Psalm 71:14 NIV

Every day we make a choice—we choose whom we will serve. Will we serve the voice of hope, faith, and love? Or will we serve the voice of despair, doubt, and anger? Will we keep our hearts soft and pliable, or will we let them be hardened with resentment and bitterness? Are we angry at the pain and suffering in the world, or are we just angry at the world?

Choose this day whom you will serve, before it chooses you. Be prepared to face everything with hope. No matter how impossible it may seem, no matter how big your mountain is, God IS bigger. Hope in all things, believe in all things, love in all things, and trust in all things. Holding on to hope becomes the anchor for your soul, and it will keep you safe no matter how rough the storm may be.

In St. Augustine, Florida, there is an old school house. It is reported to be one the oldest surviving wooden schoolhouse in the USA. Around the building is a huge anchor and chain, and it has survived numerous hurricanes since the 1700s. Let hope be your anchor, it will keep you grounded.

Prayer Focus

  • Ask God to help you see the possibilities and not the problems in your life.
  • Let the Anchor of your soul—the hope of Christ—keep you grounded. Pray for wisdom to avoid the influence of others’ opinions.
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