A Life-Changing Experience

As he was approaching Damascus on this mission, a light from heaven suddenly shone down around him. -Acts 9:3 NLT

The word “suddenly” is when something takes place unexpectedly, swiftly or without warning. Saul, who later became Apostle Paul, incurred a life-changing experience when the Lord suddenly stopped him in his tracks.

Successively, God changed the course of Saul’s life. No longer would Saul persecute Christians. Instead, he’d pursue them for the furtherance of their faith and preach the Good News to non-believers, too. All resulting from a sudden moment in time with the Lord.

When sudden moments from God manifest they have the power to drop you to your knees in awe, to become teary-eyed and speechless, or even cause you to realize that you’re traveling through life with wrong drives like Saul once did. Have you been waiting on God? If so, don’t give up!

There is no situation that He cannot “suddenly” change in your favor and for His glory. When He suddenly shows up on the scene, He can swiftly turn your bad day into an astonishing time of rejoicing. He can abruptly free a loved one from an addiction.

He can suddenly cause you to walk when doctors gave up. Keep believing and watching for your “suddenly” blessing from Him.


Barbara Alpert, Arise & Shine

Prayer Focus

  • Thank God for the wonderful suddenly moments He has already performed in your life and your loved ones, too.
  • Ask the Holy Spirit to open your spirit eyes of faith to see, believe, and trust that God is working things out for your ultimate good.
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