Step Up, Step Out & Step Away

He seats them with influential people, with the influential leaders of his people. –Psalm 113:8 GW

God often calls the least likely people to step up and step out in leading a great work. Stepping up often requires you to go outside of your comfort zone and look beyond your current circumstances. Sometimes this means stepping away from the rut of life in order to start taking purposeful action on the dreams and goals God has put into your heart. Then embrace the opportunities God provides and be faithful with your expanded influence.

As a leader and influencer in God’s kingdom, you have something valuable to contribute to the world, so think big and take bold action in order to step out and fulfill your unique destiny at this time in history. This is the time to step away from the status quo, lean into God and trust Him to guide you in extraordinary ways.

Stepping up so you can step out is about taking courageous action on God-inspired ideas that will naturally increase your sphere of influence through divine promotion. It starts with the courage to step away from doubt, fear and insecurity in order to live out your convictions and become the leader and influencer God has called you to be. It’s about believing that God has gifted and equipped you and can use you right where you are today.

Prayer Focus

  • Pray for wisdom about the ways you can step up and take purposeful action on the dreams and goals God has put in your heart.
  • Ask God to show you how you can step out and be the leader and influencer He’s called you to be right where you are today.
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