Standing Firm – Part 2 | Friday | August 31

With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying.

–Ephesians 6:18 NIV

The picture Paul painted in Ephesians 6, detailing the armor of God, is familiar to many believers. But interestingly, most discussions about it stop at verse 17. However, verse 18 adds significantly to the whole picture since it reminds us of the prominence of prayer. After all, who wears armor, if not a soldier? Would a warrior go off to battle like some independent free agent? Of course not!

If a battle is to be effective, it must be coordinated by a commanding officer who has information crucial to victory. As a believer, if you’re to receive your “orders,” follow-though on guidance, and be given deeper training, how could that be accomplished other than through the discipline of prayer? It’s an essential part of “standing firm” in any spiritual battle.

So, as we watch the onslaught of the world against God’s kingdom, take comfort in the knowledge that He hasn’t left His people unprepared! Through prayer, study, application of the Word, and by daily putting on the full armor of God, you can be sure that even though destruction continues to burn hot in the world, in the end, God and all who stand with Him will endure!

Prayer Focus

  • God, show me how I can do Your will and follow Your way so that You can be glorified.
  • Jesus, You are my Commander. Guide me in what to do and where to go, so that Your goals can be accomplished.
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