Slay Your Goliath

That’s how David beat the Philistine – with a sling and a stone. He hit him and killed him. No sword for David!

-1 Samuel 17:50 MSG

David was clearly the underdog in this fight against the warrior giant. This battle happened when David’s faith and reliance on God had provided him with confidence and boldness. His confrontations with a lion and a bear brought an awareness of his gifts and strengths, along with God’s faithfulness.

David had a clear sense of values and knew how to use his strengths successfully. He was originally outfitted in soldier armor, a helmet and a sword, but it didn’t suit him. He decided to trust his gut and use what worked for him. There might be times when your skills and mission will lead you in a different direction than current trends and ideas and that’s okay!

Battles with Goliaths will have spiritual roots too, but you’ve been uniquely outfitted to face and slay these giants. Sometimes you’ll resist the Enemy’s taunts and he’ll flee from you. Other times you’ll face your Goliath face to face. It takes courage to follow your vision and trust your gut, but those who do are often hailed as heroes. Your willingness to fight the way God has gifted you can inspire others who are facing giants too!

Prayer Focus

  • Ask God for boldness when your skills and mission lead you in a different direction than current trends and ideas.
  • Pray for wisdom to use your strengths successfully and fight the way God has gifted you, so you can slay your Goliath.
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