The Sands of Time | Monday | December 3

Who has measured the waters in the hollow of his hand, or with the breadth of his hand marked off the heavens? –Isaiah 40:12 NIV

The sand at the ocean’s edge acts as a filter. Mixed among the grains are perhaps the ruins of countless wrecked ships and the bones of sailors whose bodies are lost to the sea—a thousand generations of heroes, adventurers, and dreamers whose names have vanished, whose stories are silenced. Mortality. Finality. Brevity.

We cannot hold on to time any more than we can hold on to the sand amid the rushing waves. Can we clamp our hands shut, clutching tighter to the time allotted us, only to feel it more keenly as each grain slips away? Or do we cast our moments aside, disregarding their value?

Or perhaps we live for today alone, reveling in its sensation as each valueless grain slips away. Gaze not at the sand, but turn your eyes to the sky and remember that the hands that hollowed out the sea are the same ones that bled on a Cross to give value and redemption to your fist full of broken dreams. There is blood in your sand, and it gives value to each and every grain. So how then do you answer your mortality? By offering your life to the One who first offered it to you.

Prayer Focus

1) You alone are God, and You give meaning to my life through the death of Your Son. Help me to value every day.
2) Jesus, thank You for redeeming my life, redeeming my every moment. Help me live for You today and always.

Karen Woodall
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