Fasting While Nursing or Pregnant

We don’t recommend strict fasting while pregnant or nursing. Here are some options to consider with the approval of your physician:

  • A modified Daniel fast including whole grains, legumes, whey protein, calcium, and iron supplements.
  • Fasting sweets and desserts.
  • Fasting red meat.
  • Fasting certain diversions (television shows, movies, social media—such as Facebook/Twitter, video games, etc.)

If you are a pregnant or nursing mother, your priority is the health and the development of the baby God entrusted you with. Please consult your doctor.

Fasting And Eating Disorders

If you have struggled with an eating disorder, this situation is a battle of the mind you can win through Christ (Philippians 4:13). Remember, fasting is a tool used to get closer to God and it should keep us from being preoccupied with food.

If giving up food is a stumbling block to you, consider the fasting of television, reading (other than the Bible, of course), social media, or shopping. Click here to read about other forms of fasting.

Remember that you are covered by God’s grace. God will show you what to do. His “yoke is easy” and His “burden is light” (Matt 11:30). His way will bring rest to your soul.