Road Trip!

Cease striving and let God be God….

–Psalm 46:10 NASB

There are some people you just can’t invite on a road trip. You’ve carefully planned the trip, mapped it out, prepared the playlist, gassed up the car, and made the necessary reservations. You pull in to pick them up and it starts…

They always have extra baggage as they hop into the passenger seat excited about the trip. Not too much later, they are whining about the traffic, know a faster route, and change the playlist to one they have prepared.

Very quickly, the passenger seat isn’t good enough…they want to drive from over there. “Watch out!” “How fast are you going?” “Isn’t this the passing lane?” “Oops, that was a yellow light!”

You eventually get to where you’re going, but the journey’s been arduous and downright unpleasant.

This road trip called life is God’s gift to you. He’s prepared your journey, He’s mapped it out with only you in mind. It’s the trip of a lifetime, so get comfortable in the passenger’s seat and let Him drive—enjoy the ride with Him!

Prayer Focus

  • Thank God for His meticulously planned and prepared road trip for your life’s journey!
  • Ask Him to prepare your heart for the many detours and destinations He may have in mind for you.
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