Recover Your Identity

You will restore me to even greater honor and comfort me once again.

–Psalm 71:21 NLT

God’s plan is to bring restoration in the aftermath of challenges, wounds, and failures. These things can be points of growth and character building, but they don’t have to define you or box you in. Likewise, disappointments, fractured relationships, or family weaknesses may impact your life, but they don’t provide a true template for your identity. Even betrayals by friends, spouses, leaders, or others have to do with their own choices and are not a reflection of your worth or value.

Perhaps you’ve heard negative messages from your family, peers, employers, spouse, and others. People often speak and react out of their own pain, fears, or expectations, but their words or poor choices are not your identity. These interactions can leave you believing things about yourself that simply aren’t true, so it’s crucial to renew your mind with God’s Word.

The verse above gives a clear picture of God’s ability to redeem and renew your life. God is for you—He’s on your side. Wherever you’ve been robbed of peace, love, grace, or dignity, God is able and willing to restore and bring you to a place of truth and comfort.

Prayer Focus

  • Ask the Lord to show you where disappointments, fractured relationships, or family weaknesses have given you a false identity.
  • Pray for the truth of God’s Word to replace negative messages and become the true template for your identity.
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