Principles For Godly Living

How can a young person live a clean life? By carefully reading the map of your Word.

-Psalm 119:9 MSG

When it comes to decision-making and godly living, God’s Word is the place to go for insight, direction and wisdom. Biblical principles do not conform to fleshly desires or modern day ideals. They are ancient and timeless, and living by them will result in the blessings of God and a good reputation with others.

The Bible is God’s instruction manual, and it’s a road map to experiencing fullness of life. By making God’s word the priority for your life, you’ll learn how to apply the principles within it to the various situations you face. God’s truth will replace confusion and fear with clarity and confidence, as you draw on the Bible’s treasures of wisdom to guide your life.

When you live in the power of biblical truth and embrace its principles for godly living, your life will be transformed. Learning how to live according to God’s wisdom will pave the way for you to experience His presence and His peace, which is His will for His children. This will result in your ability to rise above challenging circumstances, live with dignity regardless of your situation and honor God in the process.

Prayer Focus

  • Ask God to help you live in the power of biblical truth and embrace its principles for decision-making and godly living.
  • Pray for the transforming power of God’s word to guide you in rising above challenges, living with dignity and honoring God.
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