Preposition not Proposition

If God is for us, who can be against us? -Romans 8:31 NIV

Most of the time you may think of life as a series of propositions. Whether you are issuing the proposal or receiving it, you seem to think of life as things you should get or do. Think about it. What if you lived your life by prepositions? You know those tiny words that seem to not really mean much. Change one letter. Just one.

What if you thought of your life in terms of what you were FOR and not against? What if you acted in a way in which you were motivated by To and not From? What can you give to that person and not what can you get From them? What if you chose to be Near instead of propositioning they come to you? What if you decided to be Next To or Beside?

God lives by prepositions. He is for you not against you. He is With you not distant. He is willing to dwell in you. He wants to be next to you, by you, and with you. He goes in front of you and comes behind you. Yes, life in Christ can be as simple as swapping vowels. Learn to live a life of prepositions, not propositions.

Prayer Focus

  • Ask God to reveal what prepositions He has for your life and how you can begin to live a life of prepositions.
  • Pray that someone close to you will see your love for Christ in your actions. Be Christ to someone.
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