How to Navigate Rip Tides of Life

When the righteous cry for help, the LORD hears and delivers them out of all their troubles.  -Psalm 34:17

If you live near or visit the beach often, you are wise to be aware of rip tides. You need to know the signs, and you must have a plan for escape if caught in the terrifying bands of water that can quickly pull you further and further away from the safety of the shore.

Panic is a natural reaction when you do not understand these currents are localized and narrow—calm is just a few feet away. Out of fear and a lack of knowledge, you may start frantically swimming against the tide, exhausting yourself; doing exactly opposite of what you should. In a rip current, the secret is to stay calm, call out for help, and then swim with the tide until a lifeguard arrives or the current naturally dissipates to the point where you can easily turn and swim to shore. You are safe, a little rattled, but wiser—stronger and more aware of the pitfalls of swimming in the ocean.

You also need to have a plan for the rip tides of life. When adverse circumstances come, and they will, you too are wise to stay calm, call out to our lifeguard and listen closely as He gently coaches us through the turbulent waters. Trials and tribulation, though sometimes terrifying, are also temporary. You can’t get over or around them, but must go through them. God never promised a life of ease, but calm is just a prayer away-keep your focus on Him.

Prayer Focus

Ask God for help in the trials you face today, to stay calm, and be obedient as he guides you.

Ask God for friends who can help you walk through hard times and to be the same friend to someone else.

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