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Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever.

–1 Chronicles 16:34 NIV

All around the world many American Christians will observe Thanksgiving by spending the month of November tweeting, snap-chatting, and messaging daily thoughts of thankfulness.

Some of the tweets will be simple: I’m thankful for my car, my kids, my job, church, or bff. However, some will be much more intense, like the dad who will celebrate his child NOT dying in that horrific accident last month, the alcoholic speaking of being sober for ten years, or the multitudes who will express gratitude to veterans of all ages.

Many who are living as missionaries or “expats” (Americans living in another country) may be thankful for running water, a solid roof over their heads, or two hours of electricity. And there will be those among us who will simply be thankful for another chance to tell someone about Jesus and their relationship with Him.

It’s amazing how easy (or hard) it can be to spend thirty days being thankful. American or not, consider this your invitation to join the thousands making the journey this month—of waking every day and asking God to give you eyes for His blessings and a heart to say, “Thanks!”

Prayer Focus

  • Thank God for another day of His grace!
  • Ask Him to help you look for His blessings every day this month—and to thank Him.
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