When Life Falls to Pieces | Wednesday | November 28

Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord. –Acts 3:19 NIV

Is your life in turmoil? Regardless of your efforts to improve things, life continues to go downhill. You ask God for help, but He doesn’t respond. You question why He’s not answering.

A pastor asked a simple question to someone who professed their life was falling to pieces. Out of love and truth, the pastor asked, “Are you living in known sin?” Clearly the person knew the answer.

Immediately, they repented and took action to discontinue the iniquity. Within days, God put that person’s life back together. No restoration would’ve occurred had the pastor not addressed the issue causing the mayhem.

At times truth can hurt, but when heeded, it can bring healing. It’s not God’s nature to protect and preserve a sinful lifestyle. Thus, one role of the Holy Spirit is to bring godly conviction and correction to God’s children.

If your life is falling to pieces, ask yourself, “Am I living in known sin?” God loves you too much to allow you to remain living in debauchery. If God’s Spirit has pointed out an area of sin; repent and turn from it. Out of love, God will give you a fresh start, and He’ll help put your life back together.

Prayer Focus

1) Ask God to search your heart, mind, and habits, and to make known to you if there are areas in need of repentance.
2) Ask the Holy Spirit to help you live a virtuous life that pleases God and allows you to experience refreshing times with Him.

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