God Don’t Make Junk | Saturday | November 3

You are of great worth in my eyes. You are honored and I love you. I will give other men in your place. I will trade other people for your life. Do not fear, for I am with you. -Isaiah 43:4-5 NLV

Have you ever noticed that there’s no shortage of people in this world who are more than willing to cut you down, break your heart, and then go on their merry way? Have you also noticed that they don’t give you a second thought? While they leave you in a heap of pain, they actually feel justified in giving you “a piece of their mind.”

Yes, we are to turn the other cheek. Yes, we are to bless those who curse us. But, have you ever taken into consideration who they are attacking?

Are we supposed to just stand there and let their poison penetrate our spirits and steal our joy? We are bought and paid for by the blood of Jesus Christ. Since we are children of the King, shouldn’t we defend God’s property?

Meek doesn’t mean weak; it means power under control. So what do we do when attacked? First, don’t receive it. Tell your spirit, “I am accepted, I am forgiven, I have great value, and I am eternally loved.” Second, pray for the person hurting you. Realize that their attack isn’t just against you, it’s also against God. No one can steal our identity, for we are sealed forever with God’s approval and love.

Prayer Focus

1) We are not victims; we are victors. The battle is the Lord’s, so let Him fight our battles for us.
2) Remember, we are not alone. Greater are those with us than those against us.

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