Friday | August 23 | Clean and Cleansed

All in all I cleansed them from everything foreign. I organized the orders of service for the priests and Levites…. –Nehemiah 13:30-31 MSG

When we think of parasites, head lice, and bacteria, just the mere words send shivers up our spine! Parents are aghast when they learn their children have been exposed. These little critters can wreak havoc in schools and homes around the globe. So small you can barely detect them with the naked eye, yet they cause all manner of discomfort, disgust, and anxiety. Heads are shampooed with special additives. Hand sanitizer’s are attached to back packs and are a staple in purses everywhere!

Nehemiah found the priests and temple in disarray when he returned from a journey. Among many other Jewish laws they were breaking, the Israelites were making unholy alliances that allowed a gradual decline in their spiritual health.

Because we live in a fallen world where we are exposed to sin daily, we too must be vigilant about unseen, barely detectable influences that creep into our lives and that of our children. We need to look for evidence of these symptoms just like the pests that produce undesirable effects once they attach themselves to us. While we can’t shield ourselves from every demonic influence, we can be vigilant to wash ourselves daily in God’s Word, the Bible. God gives us discernment to know where and when we need to guard our hearts and minds.

Prayer Focus

  • Holy Spirit, give us discernment where we need to be aware of the enemy’s influence in our lives.
  • Thank You for blessing us with the gift of Your Word that guides us down the way of right living.
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