An Extravagant Gift

It was not with perishable things such as silver or gold that you were redeemed …but with the precious blood of Christ….

–1 Peter 1:18-19 NIV

Most people are hesitant to take a gift that seems too extravagant. Maybe it’s because we feel unworthy or unfit to merit an overly generous offer. And unintentionally, most of us carry that same uneasiness over into the spiritual realm.

Sometimes we might feel the need to try to earn God’s great gift of eternal life because maybe then we could feel better about accepting it. But regardless of how good you are or how long you work, your best efforts are never adequate to merit such an offer. Only the life of the sinless Son of God is sufficient to purchase such a gift! And once you accept His gracious offer, you can be assured that His relationship with you never relies on your conduct. By faith, you’re declared righteous based solely on the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross and on His conquering of the grave… nothing else.

So, the good news for you today is that there actually is an extravagant gift waiting for you … one for which a great price has already been paid. Accept it today and rest in the confidant assurance that eternal life is yours!

Prayer Focus

  • God, thank You so much for the gift of Your Son who paid for my sin. Help me to always be grateful.
  • Jesus, I could never be worthy of Your love, but thank You for giving Your life for me anyway. Help me to follow You today.
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