Cry Out All the More | Friday | March 22

The crowd rebuked them and told them to be quiet, but they shouted all the louder, “Lord, Son of David, have mercy on us!” –Matthew 20:31 NIV

I love the tone of verse 31 in Matthew 20 when the multitude “rebukes” them. Another Bible version says “warned” them. All of the versions report that they “cried out all the more.” Understanding the social standing that people with disabilities had in ancient times, these men were literally risking being physically beaten, and not seeing it coming, to cry out to Jesus, son of David.

How do we go from sitting beside the road—not moving, destitute, and begging for the kindness and charity of strangers—to risking our well-being crying out for Jesus? When we know that the only way forward is Jesus!

It is notable that when these men did receive sight, they did not use their gift to build their dream or beat other blind men. When they cried out to Jesus and He had compassion on them, they immediately followed Him as disciples. When we cry out to Jesus, we have to be willing to do the honorable thing and use our feet to serve the Lord who has saved us, freed us, and offered us eternal life.

Prayer Focus

Father, prompt our voice to cry out to you all the more. Hear the exclamation of our heart and have compassion on us.

Jesus, we know You are near and ask that You open our eyes to truly see. Give us the strength to immediately follow You.

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