A Cornucopia of Praise | Wednesday | November 21

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever. –Psalm 107:1 NLT

Did you know that a cornucopia represents a symbol of abundance and nourishment? You may recognize a cornucopia as a horn-shaped container made from a basket, overflowing with produce, flowers, or nuts. During November, particularly around Thanksgiving, many people display them as centerpieces in their home and fill them with a variety of things for family, friends, and company to enjoy in abundance.

During Thanksgiving many people thank God for providing for their needs and everything else He does for them. Dr. Charles Stanley once said, “Don’t be mistaken: there’s nothing wrong with having an awareness of our present needs. But too often we allow them to become the focus of our lives.

The result is that our hearts become blind to the bounty all around us – a blessing far greater than blue skies, the beauty of creation, or the food it provides; something more essential than clothing, income, or a roof over our heads. It’s the provision of God Himself, and His constant presence among us.” This Thanksgiving season conjure up a cornucopia of praise, appreciation, and gratefulness to the Lord for His abundant, overflowing presence in your life and those you dearly love, for He is good!

Prayer Focus

1) Give thanks to the Lord throughout this day and upcoming week for His magnificent presence in your life.
2) Let God know how thankful you are for your family, friends, and future in heaven with Him.

Barbara Alpert
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