Blind Man’s Bluff | Monday | February 4

My sheep hear my voice and I know them; and they follow me: and I give them unto eternal life; they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand. –John 10:27-28 KJV

Want to play “Blind Man’s Bluff”? This game is played by blindfolding a person who then randomly feels his or her way around a room trying to find people by the sound of their voices. They might say, “I’m over here,” or “Woo hoo, this way,” but then move away as the “blind man” draws near.

Don’t walk through life blindfolded, listening to voices that will lead you to the edge of a cliff. The evil one seeks to destroy our witness, steal our joy, and even take our very life. Some voices are hard to ignore, but we can challenge them. Are you tempted to go against God’s Word…for ANY reason? God would never tell you something contrary to His own Word. Are you close to doing something that you would want to keep a secret because of embarrassment? Again, that’s not God. If we dare ask the Voice our questions, we’ll get our answer.

God speaks to us all the time; the more time we spend with Him, the easier discerning His voice becomes. You know your spouse’s voice. You know your child’s. Listen for His, you’ll hear it.

Prayer Focus

God help me to recognize and challenge my own temptations.

Help me to know Your voice, Lord, as clearly as I know those closest to me.

Carol Lewis
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