The Beginning of Wisdom


The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.

-Proverbs 9:10 NIV

The internet is full of people who have ingenious ideas of all kinds. You can learn how to repurpose old junk into functional tools, make tasty snacks in 3 easy steps, and create interesting decorations with the most bizarre things.

While you can learn a lot of nifty things from a variety of really creative people, there’s only one source of true wisdom. Scripture is clear that its source is God Himself. As you seek Him in the pages of the Bible and rely on the Holy Spirit to help you understand, then you begin to gain a holy awe for the Lord which is the fountain of all true wisdom.

Since holy means separate; other; and distinct, it’s imperative that you realize you’re not seeking wisdom from simply a better version of the smartest person you can find on earth. Nor are you looking for a more refined version of man’s wisdom.

God gives His wisdom which is higher, loftier, and truly “holy”! And since all that He gives comes from His character and heart, you can be assured that what you receive will always be right, perfect, and exactly what you need.

Prayer Focus

Ask the Lord to instill within you a genuine fear (reverence) for Him and His Word.

As you spend time in the Bible today, ask the Spirit of God to give you genuine understanding of what you read.

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