Let the Bad Birds Fly!

Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed…

–James 5:16 ESV

The way of the world is to hide personal faults or spin them as strengths in disguise! Yet that sort of self-protection is a trap. It condemns the virtual liar to a future of clipped wings.

An appealing trait of Christ followers is their desire to walk in the light. They easily acknowledge their weaknesses, without wallowing in them, and humbly ask God and friends for help.

Confessing our missteps and failures to one another brings psychological and spiritual healing, harming us only if we share indiscriminately. Choose a trustworthy friend. Confession and repentance—refusing the lie that you can’t admit to a problem and remain okay—sets you free. Surprising safety and peace comes from being more fully known.

What’s worth hiding anyway? Everyone has missed the mark and fallen short of God’s standards. Why pretend to be perfect? Confession may seem threatening, but it’s cathartic. God came to set you truly free.

When you stop hiding mistakes and bring them into the light, a window opens. The cleansing breath of God’s Holy Spirit flushes out the foul place and compels the vultures to fly out. The eagle inside your spirit is then released to soar!

Prayer Focus

  • Give me the courage to trust that I will still be loved by You if I bring my problem into the light.
  • Help me not try to protect my reputation by trying to make people think I am better than I am.
Cia Chester McKoy
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