Awe and Wonder, Part 2 | Thursday | March 14

He determines the number of the stars and calls them each by name. –Psalm 147:4 NIV

Yesterday we talked about God creating the stars and galaxies; today, let’s talk about all. those. stars!

Re-read today’s verse, please. WHAT?! Not only did God create a bazillion stars, but He decided exactly how many to make AND named each one!

Can you imagine the relationship He has with those stars—that He chose to give each one a name? How vast is He? How limitless in scope?!

This same God who hung, numbered, and named the stars loves YOU—yep, you. He was pursuing a relationship with you when He created those wonderful stars for you to look at. He continued pursuing you when He hung an incredible star over His Son’s birth, marking the beginning of a new way to know Him. His pursuit continued when He allowed His only Son to die on a day so dark even our brightest star, the sun, temporarily stopped shining. And He continues pursuing you today.

Isn’t that too cool?! If you know Him, thank Him for choosing to know you by name. If you don’t know Him, there’s no better time than now, no better place than right where you are.

Prayer Focus

Thank God for the scope of His love—that He knows billions of stars by name AND knows you by name as well!

If this is all news to you, ask God to show you the way and ask a friend to help! (Check out Romans 3:23, 6:23, 10:9-10.)

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