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God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. -Psalm 46:1 NKJV

Have you ever had a brand new jar of something, let’s say pickles, and the lid would not budge no matter how hard you twisted it? You bang it against the countertop; nothing. You use a towel so it can have more grip; not even a slight turn.

You even have one of those contraptions that are specifically made to open jars but it’s no use. That lid refuses to move. After many exhausting tries, your hand is irritated, red, has an imprint of the lid in your palm and you are sweating from all the effort of trying to get the lid open. So finally you ask for some help, and hear “pop.”

With barely any effort, the lid comes right off and you are handed an open jar as you stare in disbelief that it took but a second for someone to open it and you prac- tically went to war having no effect on the outcome. How often do you try to do things in your strength?

No matter how hard you try, the results are unfavorable leaving you exhausted and irritated and feeling hopeless. But when you hand it over to God and allow Him to help, the outcome will work out effortlessly and to your favor. Ask God for help and allow Him to handle your difficult situations!

Prayer Focus

  • Hand a difficulty you are having over to God. Sit back and watch Him work on your behalf.
  • If you are struggling with “letting go and letting God,” talk with Him about it. Ask for guidance and comfort as He works.
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