You’re Accepted | Thursday | November 15

For the Lord will not reject his people; he will never forsake his inheritance. –Psalm 94:14 NIV

Rejection—everyone has experienced it, and everyone fears it. It causes us to cave into peer pressure, to fear standing our ground, and to attempt to fit others’ expectations for how our lives should look. Rejection sends the clear message that we’re wrong, and that we’re a disappointment.

Rejection enforces the fear that if we don’t conform to others’ ideals, we will be iced out of their lives. Many a life has been shipwrecked because of rejection. Many a woman has stayed in an abusive relationship, whether verbal or physical, because rejection seemed more painful than staying.

No one should have that much power over our lives. We are accepted by God as we are, flaws and all. He never rejects us, never ices us out, and never sees us as a disappointment. We can live without the fear of rejection, because He never sees us as failures.

He sees our potential, our possibilities, and leads us to a better life. Similar to the words of a popular worship song, we must remember that we’re accepted while He was forsaken; we’re forgiven, while He was condemned. It doesn’t matter what the world says or how we feel, the truth is we are in Christ. Accepted means to be recognized as valid or correct. You are accepted and stamped with the seal of approval.

Prayer Focus

1) Spend time each day learning to accept the Father’s perception of you.
2) Keep believing in God’s acceptance of you, and do not walk in fear.

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