A Worthy Generation

But from everlasting to everlasting the Lord’s love is with those who fear Him and His righteousness with their children’s children. -Psalm 103:17 NIV

God loves children and with this verse, he allows us to access generational favor.

Everyone knows about generational curses because of Cain, but you can do something great for God that entitles your grandchildren to righteousness. Fear of God is not like being afraid of lions or heights. It’s a deep understanding of the power that God has. It’s a holy reverence and a sign of respect.

God created the heavens and earth, but he brought the flood, destroyed sinful cities and punished those who disobeyed him. Fearing God is recognizing all that he has done for you and holding the relationship you have with him as one of utmost importance. If you fear God, you won’t sin as much.

Psalms 103:17 entitles you and your family to a promise. God has so many promises in the Bible, and often times you may think you aren’t worthy enough to receive them. This verse says even if you aren’t on the straight and narrow, because of your grandfather’s faith, I will give you righteousness. It’s amazing to know that you can give a promise from God to your generation, and that you can receive from God even if you feel unworthy.


Stephanie Glover

Prayer Focus

  • Pray that God would help you build a healthy fear of Him; a fear that is respect, reverence and understanding of His love and power. Pray that He would let that fear keep you close to His presence and deter you from sin.
  • Thank God for making you worthy of all the promises in His Word.
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